Arambha Chautari Laghubitta Accepts the Proposal of 8.85% Dividend to Shareholders.

Arambha Chautari Laghubitta has called their 5th AGM under the leadership of its chairman Mr. Jagat Pokharel for the Fiscal Year 2076-77 on Baisakh 2,2078. According to the media, “the AGM has approved the board’s proposal to provide an 8.85% dividend to share holders and also endorsed the decision to acquire BPW Laghubitta and Deurali Laghubitta in the… Read More »

IPO Results Out of Ru Ru Jalbidhyut Limited

Ru Ru Jalbidhyut Limited has conducted their IPO allotment today (2078/01/03). Only 37,916 investors got 10 units each through lottery, and the remaining applicants got nothing. The luckiest 7 investor got 1 unit extra. The company opened their IPO to the general public from 20th-24th Chaitra, 2077 NMB Bank Limited as issue manager. . Altogether, 4,07,706 unit shares… Read More »

NEPSE Lists 13% Bonus Shares of Shine Resunga Development Bank

NEPSE lists 39,21,241.66 bonus shares of Shine Resunga Development Bank Limited (SHINE). The company held their 12th AGM and approved 13% bonus shares from the paid-up capital for the fiscal year 2076/77. Before dividend distribution the paid-up capital of the company was Rs. 3,01,63,39,742.49. The bonus shares are worth of Rs. 39,21,24,166.52 which are listed on NEPSE. SHINE… Read More »

Right Shares Coming Soon from Excel Development Bank

Excel Bank issued total of 24,33,363.6742 units of right shares to its shareholders. The company held their 14th AGM on Ashad 14, 2077 and declared a 10: 3 rights offering. Therefore, 24,33,363.6742 units of shares will be issued to shareholders at the rate of Rs. 100 per unit. The company will raise a capital of Rs. 24,33,36,367.42 through… Read More »

Promoters Shares Auctioning by National Microfinance from Today.

80,000 units of promoter shares is auctioning today by National Microfinance Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited (NMFBS). This auction lasts from 31st Chaitra, 2077 to 3rd Jestha, 2078. This auction has opened for all the existing promotors, eligible individuals, companies, and institutions. NIBL Ace Capital is appointed the auction manager. The minimum bid rate is Rs 1,600 and minimum… Read More »

QR Code Payment System Extends to Electric Autos in Dhangadi by Mega Bank

QR code payment system has been extended by Mega Bank in Dhangadi for electric auto passengers to enjoy digital payment via MoBanking services. According to the media “both passengers and auto drivers will have a comfortable time while paying and receiving payment for the travel in auto-rickshaw via MoBanking services.” Mr. Bhuwan Kandel ED of Payment Department of… Read More »

Rt. Honorable President delivers Prabal Janasewa Shree Medals to NIC ASIA Bank CEO and the Deputy MD

Rt. Honorable President Bidhya Devi Bhandari has delivered Prabal Janasewa Shree Chatur medal to the CEO of NIC ASIA on 27 Chaitra, 2077. According to media “Deputy MD of the bank Mr. Rajan Khadka also received janasewa Shree Pancham from the president.” The bank congratulates to both CEO and Deputy MD through the media statement for their recent… Read More »