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NEPSE Lists 13% Bonus Shares of Shine Resunga Development Bank

NEPSE lists 39,21,241.66 bonus shares of Shine Resunga Development Bank Limited (SHINE). The company held their 12th AGM and approved 13% bonus shares from the paid-up capital for the fiscal year 2076/77. Before dividend distribution the paid-up capital of the company was Rs. 3,01,63,39,742.49. The bonus shares are worth of Rs. 39,21,24,166.52 which are listed on NEPSE. SHINE… Read More »

Right Shares Coming Soon from Excel Development Bank

Excel Bank issued total of 24,33,363.6742 units of right shares to its shareholders. The company held their 14th AGM on Ashad 14, 2077 and declared a 10: 3 rights offering. Therefore, 24,33,363.6742 units of shares will be issued to shareholders at the rate of Rs. 100 per unit. The company will raise a capital of Rs. 24,33,36,367.42 through… Read More »

Deva Development Bank Limited

Deva Bikas Bank Limited, B class financial institution started its joint operation from 10th July, 2015 after successful merger between NDEP Development Bank Limited and Rising Development Bank in 2015. Vision of NDEP Development Bank Limited, to provide the best financial products and services in the most efficient and professional manner. It started its banking operations from the… Read More »

Shine Resunga Development Bank Limited

Shine Resunga Development Bank Limited is a merger of Shine Development Bank Limited based on Rupandehi and Resunga Bikas Bank Limited based on Gulmi. They started their joint operation from 4th of Chaitra 2069 as a “B” class regional level licensed financial institution from Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) with the vision to be a Bank of Excellence in… Read More »

Janata Bank Nepal Limited

Latest Update (6th December): Janata Bank is merged with Global IME Bank, Nepal. With the vision to extend support towards strengthening the financial system and then the economy of the country and also grow as an International Financial Institution Janata Bank Nepal Limited is the 27th commercial bank established under the Bank & Financial Institution Act, 2063. The… Read More »

Muktinath Bikas Bank Limited

Muktinath Bikas Bank Limited (MNBBL) was established on Poush 19, 2063 B.S. as a “B” class regional level financial institution. This Bank has obtained permission from Nepal Rastra Bank. The central office of the Bank is situated at Kamaladi -31, Kathmandu . The Bank is committed for good corporate governance practices and banking activities with prudent banking culture.… Read More »

Jyoti Bikash Bank Ltd.

With the vision to become one of the leading and dedicated banks with unique identity Jyoti Bikash Bank Ltd. started its operation from 9th Shrawan 2065 (24 July, 2008). Jyoti Bikash Bank Ltd. is licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank as a B grade Bank. Aim of this Bank is to serve wide range of customers with its unique… Read More »

Om Development Bank Limited

With the vision to be established as one of the potential national development Banks Om Development Bank is a certified development bank as per the Bank and Financial organization Act 2063 and Company Act 2063 from Nepal Rasta Bank as ‘B’ graded. The bank is committed to fulfill all the financial requirements of the people from different walk… Read More »

Garima Bikas Bank Ltd

With the vision to be the real bank for real people through quality services to the real seekers of modern banking Garima Bikas Bank Ltd. was incorporated under Company Act on 2064.04.22. It acquired license from Nepal Rastra Bank to perform its financial transactions which was approved by the Company Registrar’s office on 2064.5.29. It was established by… Read More »

Alpine Development Bank Limited

With the vision to provide efficient modern banking services to all sectors of developing economy of the country being a dynamic, credible and capable financial institution Alpine Development Bank Limited (ADBL), was established in 2007. The bank is able to represent the market for its businesses after Introducing many innovative and accessible products and marketing concepts. Now, the… Read More »