Arambha Chautari Laghubitta has called their 5th AGM under the leadership of its chairman Mr. Jagat Pokharel for the Fiscal Year 2076-77 on Baisakh 2,2078.

According to the media, “the AGM has approved the board’s proposal to provide an 8.85% dividend to share holders and also endorsed the decision to acquire BPW Laghubitta and Deurali Laghubitta in the share swap ratio of 100:95:95.”

Furthermore, the media says, “The AGM has selected six BoDs who includes Mr. Jagat Bahadur Pokhrel, Mr. Dipak Tiwari, Mr. Pushpa Raj Dhakal and Santosh Pokharel from the promoters group while Mr. Keshav Raj Panthi and Mr. Bimal Acharya from the public shareholder group”