Barun Hydropower Company Limited (BARUN) has listed 1,27,575 bonus shares in NEPSE.  In its annual general meeting (AGM) last week, the company empowered its shareholders to approve a 5.263% dividend distribution for the fiscal year 2076/77, consisting of a 5% bonus share to all shareholders and a 0.266% cash dividend.

Shree Investment & Finance Company Limited’s (SIFC) bonus shares are also listed on NEPSE with 6,10,998.7950 bonus shares. The SIFC virtually held its 26th AGM for the FY 2076-77 at Poush 29, 2077 under the chairmanship of Mr. Sashi Raj Pandey. The AGM approved the board’s proposal to distribute 10.53% bonus shares, as well as a 3.16% cash dividend from the profit their company made last year to shareholders.

The NEPSE has also listed 5,35,554.80 bonus shares of Ngadi Group Power Limited (NGPL). Dr. Bhogendra Prasad Guragai, chairman of Ngadi Group Power, has convened its 7th Annual General Meeting under his leadership. As per the media statement, the AGM endorsed the special proposal of 10% bonus shares and 30% right shares to their shareholders. The same bonus shares are now listed on NEPSE.