Laxmi Bank as the 16th commercial bank of Nepal was incorporated on April 2002. This Laxmi Bank was merged with HISEF finance limited. HISEF finance limited was the first generation financial company which was the first merger in the Nepali corporate history.
Laxmi Bank is technologically driven bank which has been categorized as ‘A’ financial institution and has been re-registered under “Banks and Financial Institution Act” in 2006. This bank is popular for its innovation and its best quality services to its customers. This Laxmi bank believes on providing the transparency, professionalism and high ethical tone services to its customers. The main vision of this bank is to provide the most integrated financial services. It has the best IT capability and has preferred employer in the financial sector.

loan schemes:
Loan TypesInterest Rate %Time Documents Required
Home LoanBase Rate + 1 to 512 to 300 months2 PP Size Photo, Citizenship, Proof of Income, Employee Contract Paper etc.
Auto LoanBase Rate + 1 to 512 to 84 months2 PP Size Photo, Citizenship, Proof of Income, Employee Contract Paper etc.
Sana Byawasai KarjaBase Rate + 2 to 6Refer to your nearest branch.2 PP Size Photo, Citizenship, Proof of Income, Employee Contract Paper etc.


Deposit Schemes:
AccountsInterest Rate %Documents Required
Dhanalaxmi SavingsRs. 100.00 P.A.2 PP Size Photo, Citizenship, Bill for address verification etc
Super Woman Savings6.00% * P.A.2 PP Size Photo, Citizenship, Bill for address verification etc
Orange Savings7% P.A.2 PP Size Photo, Citizenship, Bill for address verification etc
My Money Marketmax. of 4.5% P.A.2 PP Size Photo, Citizenship, Bill for address verification etc
Sunaulo Bachat6.00% p.a. on daily balance2 PP Size Photo, Citizenship, Bill for address verification etc
Samman Bachat6.00% p.a. on daily balanc2 PP Size Photo, Citizenship, Bill for address verification etc


Express Money Transfer:

Express Money Transfer is one of the brand name which helps on conducting the workforce remittance. These Express Money Transfer partners includes the  Wall Street Exchange, X-Press Money Transfer, Arab National Bank, Merchantrade Asia, AL Ahaliya Money exchange, Al Ansari Money exchange and a few more partners in the surrounding regions.  This Laxmi Bank has improve its relationship with the remitters of different countries. So that the people of Nepal can have ease during remit service.

Express Money Transfer has strengthen its network and distribution services by expanding over 400 payout agents spread over the country. This service helps to serve the unbanked segment of the economy by not just providing the facility of money transfer but also giving stakeholder access to modern and reliable banking service.


Mobile Money:

The Mobile Money service helps the Laxmi Bank’s customer to literally carry the Laxmi Bank account in their pocket. In the Mobile Money service, the customer will get the following benefits:

  • This helps the customer to transfer the funds in their friends account.
  • Customer can withdraw the cash through remittance agents.
  • Can pay the phone bills and credit card bills.
  • The customer can pay the bill of restaurant and shop through the mobile phone using the mobile money service.

This service can be used both by the Nepal Telecom user and NCELL mobile user.

Internet Banking:

Laxmi Internet banking service is one of the advanced and secure way of handling the business transaction through internet which offers the flexibility of managing their personal or business financial transaction from the place where they are at the time. For the ease of the customer, Laxmi Bank has started its ibanking service from the Bank’s inception in 2002.

Mobile Khata:

Mobile Khata is one of the service offered by the Laxmi Bank where the customer will be benefitted of accessing their money through mobile anytime and anywhere.

Different branch locations of Laxmi Bank:
1.     Birgunj Regional Branch
Adharsha Nagar, PO Box 61
Tel. 051 526195/ 530394/ 530823
Fax: 051 530393
2.     Banepa Branch
Ward No. 5, Arniko Highway West
Banepa Municipality, Kavre
Tel. 011 663425, 663426
Fax 01 -663427
3.     Pokhara Branch
Newroad, Kaski 188,
B.P Marga, Ward No. 9
P.O Box 561
Tel No. 061 533580, 540153
4.     Hattisar Branch & Head Office
Hattisar, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel. 014444684/685
Fax 01 4444640/743
5.     Biratnagar Branch
Main Road, Ward 9
Morang, Nepal
Tel No. 021 538401/538402
Fax: 021 538403
6.     Pulchowk Branch
Pulchowk, Lalitpur, Nepal
Tel No.01 5553545, 5552931,
5553972, 5553973
Fax: 01 5553974
7.     Narayanghat Branch
Shahid Chowk
Tel No.056-571726, 571973
Fax:056- 571026
8.     Teku Branch
National Trading Complex
Tel No.01-4232501,4232502
Fax: 01-4232503
9.   New Road Branch
New Road
Tel No.:01-4233309, 4233310
Fax: 01-4233307
10.   Janakpur Branch
Bhanu Chowk, Janakpur Dham
Tel No.:041-527496
Fax: 041-527497
11.   New Baneswor Branch
New Baneswor, Kathmandu
Tel: 01-4785306,4785307, 4785308
Fax: 01-4785309
12.   Damak Branch
Damak Bazar, Mahendra Highway
Tel No.:023-585207
Fax: 023-585527
13.   Bhatbhateni Branch
Bhatbhateni, Dhuge Dhara
Tel No.01-4442075/94/95
14.   Itahari Branch
Ithahari Chowk
West Line, Sunsari
Tel: 025-587021
Fax: 025-587022
15.   Maharajgunj Branch
Narayan Gopal Chowk, Maharajgunj Ring Road
Tel No.:01- 4016002, 4016088
Fax: 01- 4016019
16.   Bhairahawa Branch
Aawha Road, Bhairahawa
Tel No.:071 – 523461/2
Fax: 071- 523421
17.   Lagankhel Branch
Patan Hospital, Lagankhel
Tel No.:01 – 5548375/6
Fax: 01- 5548377
18.   Nepalgunj Branch
Surket Road, Nepalgunj
Tel: 081-527901, 527902, 527692
Fax: 081-527903
19.   Butwal Branch
Amar Path, Butwal
Tel: 071-551569, 551570
Fax: 071-551571
20.   Sukedhara Branch
Sukedhara, Kathmandu
Tel: 01-4372850, 4372921
Fax: 01-4444640, 4444743
21.   Parsa Branch
Khairahani-4, Parsa
Tel: 056-583597
Fax: 056-583598
22.   Pokhara Branch, PIE
Pokhara Industrial Estate,
Tel No: 061-541783,522878
23.   Taulihawa Branch
Kapilvastu – 3
Tel No: 076-561146
Fax No: 076-561147
24.   Bhaktapur Branch
Sallaghari – 17
Tel No: 01-6618302
Fax No: 01-6618301
25.   Dharan Branch
Putali Line – 9
Dharan, Sunsari
Tel No: 025-533906, 533907
Fax No: 025-533908
26.   Charikot Branch
Bhimeshwor 1, Satdobato
Charikot, Dolakha.
Tel No: 049-421914
Fax No: 049-421915
 27.   Hile Branch
Dhankuta 1, Koshi
Tel No: 026-540580
Fax No: 026-540581
28.   Birtamod Branch
Tel No: 023-544615
Fax No:023-544616
29.   Ilam
Bhanu Path
Ward No 2
Tel No: 027-521793
30.   Mahankal Branch
Mahankal 1, Boudha
Tel No: 01-4485806
Fax No: 01-4485805


31.   Kohalpur Branch
Tel No: 081-541347
Fax No:081-541348



32.   Walling Branch
Walling – 3
Tel No: 063-440641
Fax No:063-440642


 33.  Dhangadi Branch
Traffic Chauraha, Kailali
Seti Anchal
Tel No: 091-520531
Fax No:091-520532

Laxmi Bank Limited
[email protected]